Psych-K private sessions – creating the opportunity to advance your personal growth

Nov 29, 2020

A Psych-K private session

Gives you space to discover the fundamental fears that are causing negative patterns in your behaviour and thinking patterns. You are guided within the Psych-K private session to uncover these fears, and once discovered, be able to shed a lifetimes worth of negative patterning.

This gives you the opportunity to do the real work required for personal growth, because you are able to invest your energy to live life in new ways, make different choices, take more risks and set new boundaries. Within these sessions I also provide you with personalised crucial tools for you to take away with you, so that you can empower yourself to keep going with your personal growth independently.

Personal growth – meeting your challenges

Psych-K private sessions are not a quick fix hack for personal growth. Quick fixes tend to fall apart and results are unsustainable.  Solid personal growth is comprised of step by step building blocks, and what choices you make with every step. This leads to confidence and self-esteem.

Personal growth cannot be about perfecting our lives and becoming attached to the outcomes of goals. Not all goals are meant to be reached and dark times are part of life. It is our approach to such times that is paramount to how fearless and empowered we feel. It’s fair to say we will never like such challenges, but to be able to say yes to them, and know that whatever they are you can get through them, is priceless.


The work in a Psych-K private session with me is about the transformation from avoidance of feeling fearful, to having the energy and resilience to deal with the grit of real life. I work with clients to get the momentum for change going, to see clients no longer be afraid of life, but to embrace all it offers.

Psych-K private sessions provide the basis for you to move away from the time warp of childhood, with its limiting energy, and to initiate the practice of being present step by step, where you can make changes and transformation in each moment.

Private PSYCH-K sessions

Reprogram the subconscious

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