What is Psych-K and why I use it?

Psych-K, is both a universal energy and scientific modality, focused on making changes in the subconscious.

A unique process: Psych-K energetically ‘speaks’ the language of the subconscious through safe, fast and simple balances. These powerful balances facilitate the release of energy stored within self-sabotaging and negative beliefs formed in childhood. By releasing the old stuck energy, it makes it much easier to enable the ability to carry out the practice of interrupting old behaviours and choosing new ones in the present.

Why I am a global master Psych-K practitioner

I became a Psych-K practioner because it created a wonderful addition to my work. It means you can experience getting results and empowerment with greater ease. We all have negative beliefs and sometimes they have such a strong hold on us that we become despondent. We can even convince ourselves that we are just not meant to get the life we want. In order to do the work of personal growth, a spark to help us start this process off is extremely beneficial. Psych-K delivers this spark.


Emma Middleweek  Specialist in resolving negative subconscious patterns. Focus: self-acceptance and relationships.

Find out more by watching this video.


The Psych-K process is strictly limited to the modification of beliefs. It’s purpose is to engage the mind/body’s natural self healing process’ in order to compliment, not replace, medical treatment and medical care by qualified medical practitioners. The Psych-K process is not designed to diagnose medical conditions or treat, heal or cure any disease, physical or mental illness, physical disability, medical problem or mental illness. Psych-K is not a replacement for appropriate medical attention or mental health care. Psych-K is not medical advice and should not be treated as such.