SV, London England

I was intrigued by the session as I wasn’t totally sure what to expect. It all made sense, the steps we took. Interesting to see some of the tools from the neurodevelopement modality coming up in a different way.

ER, Nottingham, England

I came to Emma because I was holding a lot of stress in my shoulders. After the first session I was sitting on the couch and could feel my whole body just relax . I also managed to get through the day pain free. Yay!

RM, Hong Kong

The sessions with Emma were rich with insight and helped me work through an issue that’s been weighing on me. Working with Emma was very thorough yet very gentle. Also the session notes she gave me after a session have been very helpful

NP, London England

I enjoyed working with Emma. She had many insights through the sessions that have helped me see things differently. The Psych-K gave me a lot of clarity and I have been feeling so much lighter