How PSYCH-K helps you have more Willpower

Jun 16, 2021

Psych-K puts us in touch with energy that is stuck in the past. Psych-K balances free this energy, so that it can be used to aid our determination and drive to be present, be creative, and move forward in life.

The power of your Will. This is defined by your ability to choose and control your own actions and behaviours, and be able to follow through your conscious decisions with restraint or with boldness.

Conscious factors affecting energy supply for Willpower. Willpower uses a lot of energy and this energy depletes quickly. There are certain conscious factors which cause this decrease, for example; emotional distress, the unfamiliar and fear of the unknown, negative thoughts around difficulty, and cognitive dissonance where what we are doing or saying contradicts our actual beliefs.

Subconscious factors affecting energy supply for Willpower. We can look at the subconscious and through Psych-K balances increase our energy for Willpower.

As fragile vulnerable children we work out subconsciously how to make sure we have value to the people around us so that they will take care of us. This is an extremely intelligent way to ensure our survival, and as humans we all do it. However, there is a flip side to this. What we deem not having value, or those parts of us that might lead to rejection we subconsciously repress and disconnect from.

The energy consumed by our subconscious in its determination to control our value and worth and maintain this disconnection, is huge.

Psych-K is about us becoming whole. It is about helping us accept the parts of us we have subconsciously repressed and disconnected from. With Psych- K we take the subconscious need to disconnect from our childhood programming, and make it conscious. We become aware of what we are repressing, and move our subconscious beliefs with Psych-K balances towards beliefs that the whole of us has value. Not just the parts that we perceived as being acceptable as children.

From survival to quality of life. Essentially Psych-K balances move us from being stuck in survival mode requiring energy to stay on survival alert, to quality of life. Through Psych-K balances around acceptance and unconditional kindness we become connected, and no longer need to use stale energy to control our disconnection.

By having a healthy relationship and ability to feel all our emotions and embrace the whole of who we are, including the parts we may not like, we can let feelings and emotions surface and move through us, instead of attaching fear of our survival to them.  When we are connected and whole, we have vital life-giving energy at our disposal, in the present, and there to give our Willpower a huge boost when needed.

We change our perceptions. Along with self-connection Psych-k also enables us to change our perception consciously and subconsciously, around how we approach something that appears difficult, trying something new, fear of change etc. We can create positive subconscious beliefs that support us reaching our goals.

In conclusion If we want to be able to live our lives being who we want to be, we need Willpower and lots of it.  Psych-K makes changes in the subconscious so this can happen. If energy stays locked in our childhood history, we remain in survival mode and are unable to access the energy. This doesn’t mean we can’t make changes in our life or find the necessary Willpower, but it may be harder and a lot more time consuming without the subconscious and self-connection helping to fuel it.

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