Let’s get spiritual…….

Feb 21, 2018

Spirituality means different things to different people. I grew up with the perception that to be spiritual meant going around in long flowing clothes, being in perfect harmony with life at all times, and being the most wonderful kind person that ever lived. However this didn’t seem particularly tangible for me. Life felt a bit tough during my childhood and I was firmly in a victim, negative mindset. My academic background lay in the sciences and my thoughts were always black and white. Life was life, death was death and there you have it. However I embraced spirituality without meaning to.

Einstein laid down the foundation for modern quantum mechanics and the progression of science into quantum physics. Quantum physics (study of quanta — small units that make up energy in order to scientifically understand how the universe works) looks at the invisible energy called ‘the field’, and the vibrations in this field. Quantum physics looks at this field from a physics viewpoint but the field can also be seen as the spiritual field.

*Bruce Lipton is a pioneer in epigenetics. Epigenetics dictates that each and every cell membrane responds to environmental signals. Each one of us has our own unique signal and these ‘self receptors’ on the cell membrane, pick up the vibration in the field that is unique to us. For example, if you were to take someone else’s cells with their own self receptors on their own membrane, eg in a transplant operation, they are rejected by the other body. Why? Because they do not match the self receptors in the other body and cannot read the frequency that is you and you alone. Advancement in medicine has of course overridden this problem!

An analogy that Bruce uses is to see our body as a television set. The antennae tunes into the energy frequency and plays the programme that is ‘you’ in ‘the field’. If the television breaks down the vibration in ‘the field’ simply carries on vibrating. The television may not be around, but the energy vibration is still there. If another television set comes along and is set to tune into the same frequency it again plays ‘you’ in a new body. I choose to see that my own unique frequency is my soul energy, my spirit. And from this I can take a big leap of faith and understanding that, yes, we are immortal and that we have many lives.

Still a bit sceptical about the whole thing I wanted proof and to experience how this energy vibration with its law of attraction affected my life. The law of attraction says that ‘like energy attracts like energy’. I was carrying around a load of negative beliefs in my subconscious and conscious thoughts and unsurprisingly did indeed keep attracting drama and negativity into my life. The happier I have become and the more I have transformed negative subconscious beliefs into positive ones with Psych-K, the more positive energy I carry. The results are that wonderful positive experiences are frequently showing up in my life as a result. Not only am I attracting positive energy into my life but this energy is helping those around me feel more positive too.

I do not go around in flowing clothes and I am not fanatical about my spirituality. I do however see the bigger picture on a daily basis. This doesn’t mean I go around happy and smiley the whole time, but I have to admit it is most of the time. When situations or people do things which can shock and upset me, the understanding I have of the energy field (spirit) helps me to appreciate that absolutely everything is happening exactly as it should be. I have attracted it into my life and it is happening so that I can bring my attention to it, and I will learn something. Also, I do not supress my emotions. I have to admit I do still let off a bit of steam! The difference is that once expressed I then let it go and move easily forward.

I do know with complete certainty that once I got rid of negative beliefs, once I learnt to forgive myself and others and have compassion, which is all positive energy, that it is this new positive energy which is attracting beautiful things into my life. This is how I know I have found my spirituality and replaced fear with love. I am not just a physical body. In fact this body is temporary. But my unique vibration is not going anywhere. I am simply maturing into an old soul from the lessons I learn on earth.


Emma Middleweek

Bruce Lipton Wisdom of your cells


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