What does it mean to be whole brained

Jan 24, 2020

Split brain research on  ‘brain dominance theory’’ indicates that the two hemispheres in the brain specialise and preside over different functions. They process different kinds of information and deal with different kinds of problems.

The left hemisphere is thinking, sequential, linear, logical and analytical. The right hemisphere is intuitive, abstract, big picture, creative and emotion. When these two hemispheres communicate with each other, we have input from both of them, creating a balanced cognitive and emotional whole brain state.

Significance of whole brain state

When we have input from both sides of the brain simultaneously, we are able to have more options available to us in how we perceive and respond to current situations. Being whole brained means we have the ability to pause and respond, to be proactive rather than reactive, and to then be able to make new better choices and decisions

When we are doing this we are able to interrupt a situation/thought in our direct experience from triggering old sub conscious behaviour patterns formed in our childhood

This means we prevent any previous experiences held in our subconscious from attaching to and giving context to the experience we are having in the moment.

Between the two hemispheres is tissue called the corpus callosum. The more whole brained we are ( ie the more the two hemispheres ‘talk’ to each other), the more the corpus callosum softens. This softening then further increases the ability and ease for the two hemispheres to communicate. The whole brain state enables us to stay present and consciously aware. And so being present becomes a comfortable resting place for the brain.

When we are present, as well as providing super learning and high speed sub conscious belief change, the whole brain state provides beneficial changes in blood flow in brain and brain chemistry, reduced stress, increased energy and enhanced creativity and problem solving skills.

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